When we analyse Tyrone v Derry last week the main concern for Tyrone must be to get a decent hairdresser about killyclogher. We are not sure who is the culprit but Mickey Harte would need to call in Irish street's John barbers he'll take no shit. Apart from that Tyrone where comfortable from start to finish. The closest margin was 3 points and Derry rallied well at the beginning of the second half but never looked a threat. One point from play from either side highlighted the lack of shooting practice from either teams. The same can be said about all the teams seen so far in the championship. Every team is focusing on systems and tactics forgetting about the art of scoring and defending. It's hard not thinking about the past Tyrone teams and the natural scorers they had from corner back to corner forward they were a threat, Tyrone have the potential but they need to capitalise on this. I now see players chosen for county that are not the most skilled but fit into the mould of hard work and defending they get preference before a natural forward. Tyrone team is evident of this - last year McCurry was left on the bench same again this year. Yes he did have a few mediocre games but he'll get you scores and that's what Tyrone need more off. After the last outing McCurry can kick on with the rest of the season it's whether Mickey will play him or not is the doubt. The captain steered his men to a comfortable victory picking up a tally of 0-7. The midfield battle was a great tussle Niall Laughlin hitting a few good scores and Colm matched him with a great score himself. A bizarre game for Peter Harte misseda few handy ones unexpected for a man of that calibre. We hope this space jamming espisode is over him and he can continue with his usual consistency against Donegal. Mattie Donnelly was cleared of striking against Derry but he must learn from this and not get involved with off the ball antics. By all means stand up for yourself but Mattie Donnelly sidelined is no good for Tyrone. Teams may see his indiscpline as a weakness and will look to exploit it in the coming weeks ahead. If Tyrone are to beat Donegal both Harte and Donnelly need to be in the thick of it. Make no doubt about it though if Tyrone play the same way against Donegal, Donegal will swallow them up. Those free kicks Derry conceded won't happen this time, Donegal will turn them over and punish with effect. Tyrone had options and offered runners either side which forced Derry into conceding handy free kicks. Donegal will relish the physical battle so Tyrone need to avoid the hits and move the ball at speed. Tyrone must keep mark Bradley, Cavanagh and McCurry inside to ensure the defence is stretched - with runners from deep Tyrone can expose holes in their defence. The lack of goals in the Tyrone Derry game was a worry. If Tyrone are to lift silverware I feel them need a goal threat - goals win games and points are hard come when facing a blanket defence. What about Derry.. hard to know what's happening in that county. Damien Barton is a good manager but I feel he is on a road to nowhere with this particular crew. Derry Tyrone games were always fierce, elbows punches hunger and big hits. It's a while since we witnessed one of those though. Derry gather themselves for the qualifiers where they tend to do well as Tyrone play in a giant Ulster tussle and bragging rights for another year.