When Tyrone played Dublin in Croker in their second league game they looked like a force to be reckoned with. Five games later and down in Killarney they looked like a team running out of ideas. Peter Harte’s speculative goal effort brought the score line closer but the margin at half time was clear to see. That injection of pace we are so used to seeing from Tyrone wasn’t on display. Fair enough they had a handy opener against Roscommon but to draw against the Dubs was no small task. Five points up they should have closed the deal but a draw still was a good result. They built on this momentum beating a very organised and efficient Monaghan side - the same monaghan side beat Kerry in their own back yard. They next disposed of a determined Cavan side pretty efficiently kicking 19 points in the process. So Tyrone were sitting nicely next up was Donegal in Ballybofey. Donegal welcomed them with their usual verbal pleasantries before walking through their defense and kicking points at ease. Donegal were physced for this one while Tyrone in truth weren’t as hungry. Tyrone’s victory over them in the ulster final might have something to do with that. Donegal have done a remarkable job given the number of players that left the panel and they have speed which you need to unlock the blanket defense. Tyrone’s ability to run at angles and at speed seen their league campaign start well but that happened less and less in the final games. Tyrone slowed down the play in the midfield area allowing the opposition to sit back and take up positions. The lateral passing side to side sits well for the opposition but it doesn’t suit Tyrone’s style of play, it only pressures them into kicking silly wides as their forwards get frustrated at the lack of balls inside. They next played Mayo at home and it was once another game they should have won. The difference between the sides that day was one word ‘efficiency’. So Tyrone’s lack of scoring is under the microscope but the problem stems from their style of play. Playing at pace and at speed they are hard to stop, playing lateral and slow they look fairly average. The last game in store was in Killarney and they had a far out chance of making the league finals. That thought was squashed at half time as the score line came in. They mentally weren’t there and that’s a worry, they will need to have a lot more mental resolve if they are to claim Sam once more this year. That been said I still think Tyrone have a good chance in the championship but they need a bit more grit between the teeth. With a lot of people writing them off they are very a dangerous outfit. If they can play with that style we seen at the beginning of the league they can beat those teams they lost to in the league and if they do that they wont be far away. Scores win games and they need more scorers for sure if they are to go one further than last year in the championship.